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Hochiki is distinguished by the experience and expertise of more than 80 years as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of industrial fire detection products. Hochiki Corporation was founded in Tokyo in 1918 with most of the major Japanese insurance companies as founder shareholders.
Hochiki Corporation undertakes design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems and produces in excess of 3 million units per year. An international market leader in the manufacture of fire protection products Hochiki Corporation also produces fire extinguishing, security and cable television systems. The Company employs some 1,500 people, has 3 manufacturing plants, 31 sales offices and 15 subsidiaries in Japan.

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  • TCH-B200 ESP Programator  
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  • CHQ-DRC Modul sa dva relejna izlaza  
  • CHQ-DSC Modul sa dva sirenska izlaza  
  • CHQ-DZM(IS) Modul sa dve zone (Eksplozivno otporan)  
  • CHQ-MRC Adresabilni relejni kontroler  
  • CHQ-POM Napojni modul  
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