Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has three decades of experience in researching and developing video technology in China. Sophisticated technology, ease of use and reliable after-sales service makes Hikvision one of the leaders in the security industry.

Hikvision, whose products range from A/V Compression Boards to Embedded Net DVRs and Multi-purposes DVSs as well as Networked front-end products such as IP Cameras and IP Speed Domes, provides the most advanced H.264 solution for digital surveillance industry based on its owned patented algorithms; provides the latest SDK to its co-partners with Online Technical Support; provides ODM, OEM, Customizations for customers’ market requirements with its quality assurance.

Featuring the latest H.264 Video and Audio Compression Algorithms, Hikvision digital surveillance products for DSP platforms are designed and produced by its 1200 employees, including outstanding 400 engineers in R & D. With strong compression technology and abundant self-development resources, Hikvision has expanded its markets home and abroad.

Come to enjoy Hikvision’s H.264 world!

Well-known Surveillance Project Cases:
• Took over more than 50% Stadiums and Olympic Town Surveillance Project in Beijing Olympic 2008
• Took over Stadiums of Germany World Cup 2006 Project.
• Surveillance Projects of International Airport Charles de Gaulle and Paris Metro.
• London Metro Surveillance Project.
• Adopted for whole Qinghai-Tibet Railway Surveillance Project, enduring the severe circumstance

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