Access control

Access Control systems developed in the recent years which make them desirable systems for end customers.

Thanks to this type of system, we can guarantee quick and easy access for users, as well as full report of events. All access control systems offered by Sectron can be integrated with Hermes Express cloud time reporting system.

Access control solutions cover the following types of systems and functionalities:

  • Multiple authentication via RFID card, PIN code, QRcode code or Biometric data (face, fingerprint, palm print)
  • Local and global ANTIPASS back
  • Video verification of events that occurred
  • Integration to fire alarm and notification systems
  • Integration to video surveillance systems
  • Possibility of using floor mapping with an interactive map of the object
  • Supported different wiring types to readers/access terminals
  • Complete solutions for parking systems: Traffic barriers, LPR cameras for access control with vehicle number, Entry/Exit parking terminals,
  • Payment terminals and validators.

Our dealers and consultants will assist you in choosing the right system for you, according to the requirements you have