Home Automation

"Smart house" is a system which connects all electrical devices such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, control of doors, windows, blinds, gates, alarm; ventilation, security, alarm system, audio and video system, energy control equipment etc.
The devices of the smart home are connected to each other and can be accessed through a central point - smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Did you go to bed and forgot to switch off the light in the living room? Well, you do not need to get up, just click 'OFF' on your device.

Energy efficiency
Smart homes allow homeowners to reduce electricity consumption and save costs. When you have a "Smart House" you control when and how your appliances will function. Therefore, you can reduce your energy consumption and are more likely to change your habits.

Customised software
Sectron offers three-dimensional visualization of the premises based on photographic material and DWG distribution of the object.
Through it, you can control a specific lighting fixture in the place where it is located in your home or office. This form of automation results in a reduced need for human interaction and an increase in comfort, safety and improved energy efficiency.

How much does a smart home cost?
In general, a smart home can start by focusing on a specific product or room. This strategy allows people to invest in smart technology with minimal capital. Naturally, more advanced features will cost more, but they will reduce your electricity costs in the future.

Some of the main scenarios that can be implemented with the systems offered by Sectron are:

  • Light control, such as adjusting brightness, colors and setting custom schedules.
  • Management of home electrical appliances or office equipment according to set criteria.
  • Air conditioning management according to set criteria, allowing you to save energy and costs with precise consumption measurement.
  • Ability to set custom automation functions.
  • Management and control of temperature, humidity and lighting in the premises.
  • You receive instant notifications in case of changes in the events you set.
  • Complete management of electrical energy consumption.
  • Management of the irrigation system and obtaining information about soil moisture.
  • Receiving information about the presence of leaks in the site and the possibility of a central water shutdown.
  • Receive timely information about people entering your home (office).
  • Remote switching on of heating and lighting in your home (office) at a calculated return time.
  • Management of external and internal blinds.

These are just some of the possible usage scenarios. We add to them the possibility of creating a personal visualization and functionalities specially developed for your needs.