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7" Touch-Screen monitor panel for 2-wire HIKVISION video intercom systems
DS-KH6320-WTE2 - HIKVISION IP video intercom monitor panel, 7" Touch-Screen color display with 1024x600 resolution, 2 wires for signal and power supply, RS485 1x, 8 alarm inputs, 2 relay outputs. Dimensions: 200 mm × 140 mm × 15.1 mm, operating temperature: -10 ° C to 55 ° C, Power consumption ≤ 6 W,
new 01622
FERMAX 01622
SKYLINE Video module for intercom systems FERMAX LYNX
SKYLINE Video module for intercom systems FERMAX LYNX Reference: 01622 Color video module compatible modules and frames series SKYLINE front panels for video intercom systems Fermax. The new design integrates a module audio and video functions of the intercom system. The module incorporates electronic components control the audio system, unlock the front door, color camera, setting the volume on the external front panel audio instructions. The new LYNX module SKYLINE series features an elegant design complements other elements of the series and offers the reliability and flexibility of configuration typical intercom Fermax. • Compact size: 105.2x95 mm (W x H). • 1/3 "Color CMOS sensor Auto iris for outdoor use • CCTV lens with a viewing angle of 90º • High sensitivity video sensor in the nighttime of 0.5 lux • Auto white balance • Compensation of back lighting the objects on camera • Power: Lynx 12V DC • Consumption (standby / active audio module) 190 mA / 500 mA • Protection IPK-437 • Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ºC
FERMAX 3330/3340
The colour of design. A product with no competition at a very competitive price. The best selling colour video kit in Europe. Kit Loft Colour. Winner
The Fermax City Video kit contains all the materials needes for immediate start up, excluding cable and lock release. Your requirements for these item
Colour City Video Kit
The Fermax City Video kit contains all the materials needes for immediate start up, excluding cable and lock release. Your requirements for these item
Complete audio door entry kit, allowing communication between the house and the outdoor panel. Kits include: outdoor pushbutton panel, box, telephones
new 6545
Video door entry COLOUR monitor. TFT screen 3.5"
Компактен, ултра тънък и лек дизайн Сензорни бутони Режим смободни ръце 3,5” TFT цветен екран с резолюция 320 (H) x 240(V) Auto On бутон за активиране на основната и допълнителна камера (последователно) Бутони за начало и край на разговора Бутон за отваряне на вратата Два бутона за присвояване на допълнителни функции Контрол на силата на звука Настройка на контраст, цветност и яркост на картината Консумация: типично 400mA (33mA в състояние на покой) Изисква монтажна планка 6548 за повърхностен монтаж към стена.
Video Door Entry Monitor
• Available for Analogue system (7+coax+N) and Digital system ADS (3+coax) • Available in 4” Color or B/W display • Door release button • Outdoor p
• Flush-mounted color video monitor; • Compact, extra slim and light design; • Hands-free mode; • 4” TFT color screen with resolution 480(W)x234(H)
Audio terminal. Installed in homes, enables communication with outdoor panel and door opening. A new telephone concept for the home. Integrated des
The Residential Management System (RMS) is a PC software application especially designed to work as a Guard Unit Center and optionally perform administrator or installer roles. The LYNX system RMS is much more than a Guard Unit. It is a software application with multiple uses which, firstly, permits the installation and commissioning of the system and, secondly, is the ideal tool to manage the installation in terms of security, comfort and communication for the residents. The RMS is part of the LYNX system: TCP/IP based multichannel data, audio and video. Communication is via a panel based on a video door IP (the LYNX Audio and Video amplifier) and with TCP/IP based VIVO monitors. It performs GUARD UNIT functions • Receipt and sending of calls or messages • Management of alarm warnings and panic calls It performs CONFIGURATION functions • Logging / Query of events • System database management The RMS is supplied on a USB flash drive which operates as an encrypted key (dongle). If the security device is not inserted into the PC, the software will execute with limited functionality: RMS Software LITE version. A LYNX installation can have more than one RMS. There is always a main RMS, called RMS Server (or Database Server), where the database and general configuration are stored. Any secondary RMS can access all the information remotely. The RMS software provides administrator, installer, concierge or alarm concierge functions depending on the login entered at the start of the session. The software can operate with different profiles (LOGINS). Different privileges and operations are associated with the different profiles. The RMS can operate as: • RMS – Administrator = Residential Management System in administrator mode. It has special privileges in order to configure all the information and permissions for the tenants, create and modify logins (user name/password), access control and events. • RMS – Concierge = Residential Management System in concierge mode. It can only send-receive calls, send-receive messages and manage the elevator control. • RMS – Installer = Residential Management System in installer mode. This has maximum privileges including the entire installation and commissioning of the system. • RMS – Alarms = Residential Management System in alarms mode. This can perform the same operations as the Concierge mode and also receive and manage the alarms (if activated). The RMS can operate in a different manner depending on the use and requirements of the installation. There are different operating modes: - COMPLETE mode: All the calls generated from the panels and the apartments are received in the guard unit. When there is a call from a panel to an apartment, the call is intercepted by the RMS in order to decide whether the call is to be transferred to the selected apartment or not. - APARTMENT mode: The calls from the apartments and the panels are received. The panels can directly call the apartments. - OFF mode: The RMS does not receive calls. Private audio and video communication can be established during communication with other devices (panels, monitors, RMS). This requires a USB telephone or an earpiece with a microphone and a camera. Lynx is the most advanced technical system for communication, security and comfort management in residential complexes. Lynx has transformed the world by establishing new standards in the processing capacity and performance of video door equipment. Lynx is much more than a simple TCP/IP as it provides the best solutions for system integrators and the apartment residents. It merges the most advanced technology, design and product engineering with their present and future needs: 1. COMMUNICATION. It connects the interior and the exterior of the apartment, enabling an interactive community for the residents, thereby guaranteeing their privacy. 2. SECURITY. It maintains a permanent, reliable and simple connection with the building's service personnel, ensuring the protection and security of each family. 3. COMFORT. It grants freedom to the system integrator to select and configure the system and its automation in accordance with the specific needs of each resident. EASY AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION WITH MAXIMUM ROBUSTNESS: - Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies installation. - Lynx can be installed on already existing local area networks, use structural cable systems (SCS) and standard network equipment. - The point-to-point SIP architecture permits the independent operation of each device without the need for a central server. - Thanks to the configuration by means of an SD card, installation becomes a simple process. UNLIMITED TECHNICAL CAPACITY: - A virtually unlimited number of monitors can be managed on one single Lynx installation. - Unlimited distances between one point to another. - Unlimited channels for conversations and data transmission. The Lynx system marks the differences compared to the most advanced systems. Technical Specifications It is recommended that the RMS is installed on a PC, preferably with a 17" touch screen that houses the CPU, however, it can be installed on any PC meeting minimum requirements: - Operating system: Windows 7 - 32bits. - CPU: Dual-core 2.5GHz processor - Hard drive: HDD SATA 160G - USB interface: 2 - Ethernet port: Gigabit, 100/1000Mbps (Fast-Ethernet). The RMS software is distributed with an individual license per computer. The software is protected to prevent unauthorized copies from being installed. Although the authorized copy can be installed on more than one PC, only the computer with the dongle connected will have access to the fully operational software. Operation: The RMS through the Concierge profile can use all the Guard Unit functions: 1. Receive calls from apartments, panels and other RMS. 2. Receive messages 3. Call apartments 4. Connect to panel 5. Call another RMS concierge 6. Call the RMS administrator 7. Send messages 8. Call divert 9. Block the application 10. Mode selection from the RMS 11. Elevator control The Alarms Concierge is a special Concierge profile that includes the capability to receive the alarms from the monitors and the panels on an alarms RMS. The RMS with the administrator profile can use the same functions as the RMS with the Concierge profile but with higher privileges, which include: - Access to the events log - Administrator settings - Alarms. The RMS with the installer profile has maximum privileges, including the entire installation and commissioning of the system, as well as the following additional functions: - General settings - RMS settings - Maintenance - Elevator control - Elevator parameter settings - Panel settings - RMS software LITE version