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Paradox IPR512
GPRS / IP Monitoring Receiver
* _*1024 Supervised Paradox GPRS/IP Modules*_ : High-speed supervision for up to 1024 Paradox control panels using PCS100 GPRS edition or IP100 Intern
Paradox IPRS-7
IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software
* Desktop application that emulates the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver, with unlimited # of accounts * Converts incoming IP signal from a Parado
Paradox IP150
Internet Module
* SSL support for sending secured emails via a secure sockets layer; a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet * HTTPS support for imp
Paradox PCS250G
Budget GPRS/SMS Communicator Module
Using cellular networks, the PCS250G reports to the monitoring station’s automation software via GPRS, ensuring that all communication is fast, reliable, and stable. The PCS250G can be used as a backup to a traditional landline, or as a primary communicator where no landline is available. It also adds remote home control capabilities to a system, allowing you to arm/disarm with a simple text message (SMS). Feel safe by taking control of your system, wherever you are. With its contemporary design, and a modern hi-tech finish, the PCS250G GPRS Communicator Module enables Paradox systems to be remotely controlled, continuously monitored, and reliably connected at all times.
Paradox PCS250
GPRS/GSM Communicator Module

Compact, sleek design Report events to the IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receiver and/or IPRS-7 IP/GPRS PC Receiver Software Report via text message (up to 16 cell phone numbers) Control panel communication supervision End-user can arm or disarm the system by sending a text message (SMS) to the PCS250 Send pre-recorded voice messages to up to 8 telephone numbers to report alarms using the optional VDMP3 Paradox Plug-in Voice Module (GSM mode) Simple installation with 4-wire serial connection Optional rod antenna can be installed up to 18m (60ft) from the module using optional antenna cable extensions depending on the local signal strength 128-bit (MDS) and 256-bit (AES) encryption (GPRS mode) Increase the distance between the panel and the PCS250 module with an RS485 link (GSM mode only via e-bus). A CVT485 module must be added to the panel in order to accomplish this Report via GSM (CID, SIA) Compatibility EVO48 and EVO192 panels V2.02 K641 and K641R keypads V1.51 or higher SP series V3.42 with K32LCD keypads V1.22 E55 panels V3.0 (labels to be programmed via Winload) E65 panels V2.1 (labels to be programmed via Winload) • MG series V4.0 or higher with K32LCD keypads V1.22 or higher

Paradox VDMP3
Plug-In Voice Module
• Dial up to 5 telephone numbers to report a burglar, panic or fire alarm using prerecorded messages • Arm/disarm the system remotely via telephone