Perimeter security

Perimeter security of large open areas is a specific task for which different systems are used. They aim to prevent intrusion into the protected perimeter by detecting the potential intruder and sending information about the violation to the monitoring center in real time. Detection can be done in a variety of ways, with the specific project conditions determining which one is most appropriate.

Often perimeter security systems consist of various combinations of microwave or infrared barriers, PIR detectors for outdoor installation.

The sensor cable for registering vibrations is an irreplaceable solution for sites with physical enclosures of the mesh type. If the site does not have a fence, an invisible perimeter guard can be built using sensors that register changes in the electromagnetic field generated by cables installed underground.

In order to increase security and reduce false alarms, modern perimeter security systems are integrated with video surveillance systems using software and cameras with intelligent functions - "crossing a virtual line" or "entering a protected area".