Fire alarm and fire extinguishing

Fire losses can be significant, even from small fires. Often, along with material losses, there are also human casualties or the resulting fire creates a danger to people's health.

Fire detection systems (FIPS) are an effective and safe way of automatic detection, which reduces the time to detect and start extinguishing the fire. The end result of using IPR is a significant reduction in material and human losses.

The fire detection system (FIS) is an automatic system, the purpose of which is to detect a fire in the initial stage of its development, to give an alarm signal for the evacuation of people in the object, to send fire alarm and warning signals to a remote center and to activate a fire extinguisher installation and other protective devices/systems.

The first two functions of the system are mandatory, and the last two are complementary in certain objects.

The fire extinguishing system is used to extinguish fires in order to reduce damage and save lives. Depending on the type of the protected room, an appropriate type of extinguishing agent can be chosen to be used most effectively.

For extinguishing servers, archives, data centers and places with critical and expensive equipment, a clean agent such as 3M NOVEC 1230 or DUCARE 1230 (FK-5-1-12) is used. These agents provide quick and effective fire extinguishing within 10 seconds being completely harmless to people and equipment. Sectron offers design, supply, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems of proven manufacturers such as Viking, Kidde etc.