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UnionTech LTE2-28
* A sunshield beacon which can be installed in several positions. * It has three flash patterns controlled by an interior circuit. Operated with xen
LTE2-287 LED
UnionTech LTE2-287 LED
* High intensity LED modules * 15 selectable flash patterns * Includes hood, universal swivel bracket, * 3 suction cups and cigarette plug w
Visor System  Vehicle  Strobe Light
UnionTech Visor System Vehicle Strobe Light
Model: LTE3-37/2-4 Vehicle Strobe Light Voltage : DC.12V Power rate : 120W 4x30 Flash frequency: 120 TIMES/MINUTE Net weight: 0.55KG Contro
UnionTech LTG1-8B
Strobe Light of Motorcycle
* Voltage: DC.6V, DC12V * Power: 20 W * Possibility for changes of the lenght of the pole 845-1045 mm
UnionTech LTE2-17 LED
Miniature square strobe/LED lamp with mounting stand and control controller
Color: blue, red, colorless* Working voltage: DC12V /220 V* Power: 2X0.25 W* Weight: 0.47 KG* Dimensions: 100x80 mm* stand for fixed
LED warning light/ car led strobe light
* Lighting source:LEDs * LED power: 1watt * LED color:Blue * Working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V * With controller to different flashing patterns *
LTD2-716 LED
LTD2-716 LED
Luxury Pillow Led Minibar
* Power: 0.5W * Light Source: LEDS * Led Source: RED/BLUE * Voltage: DC 12V * Weight: 2 kg
LTE2-282 LED
UnionTech LTE2-282 LED
LED warning light for mounting on the rear window
Color: blue, red, colorless - clear* Rear glass assembly* Operating voltage: DC12V* Power: 2 X 0.25 W* Weight: 1.8 KG* Dimensions: 4
UnionTech JD-20
Flash light blue/yellow for fog
For indoor installation* Operating voltage: DC12V* Power: 7.2 W* Weight: 0.5 KG* Dimensions: 35x37mm + controller
UnionTech LTE3-25
Relay lamps /1 pc./
Color: blue+red* Operating voltage: 12V DC* Power: 20 W* Weight: 0.37 KG* Dimensions: ?114x120
UnionTech FR001L
4 in 1 rechargeable battery flashlight
4 in 1 rechargeable battery flashlight