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new Ex150
Salto Ex150
SALTO XS4 Mini Electronic lock for access control and hotel security
Ex150 Electronic lock SALTO XS4 Mini for access control and hotel security Stylish design, small and discreet in size combined with modern and clear LED indication. Innovative solution for access control in business buildings or hotel security system.
Salto ESD9000
SALTO intelligent energy saver
The SALTO Energy Saving Device (ESD) helps save up to 65% * of the energy consumed in a hotel room, student dormitory or office space. Unlike standard card energy savers, the ESD9000 will activate the lights only when placing an authorized SALTO key card. Any other card (ordinary card, business card, etc.) or another SALTO card belonging to another room will not activate the lights. ESD is also available in an on-line version that, in addition to energy saving, shows in real time the presence of guests or staff in the hotel room and records this information in the hotel's computer system. When the guest entered the room and inserted his card into the ESD, he switched on all the electrical equipment. When staff enters the cleaning or maintenance room, the ESD recognizes the staff key card and includes only the electrical equipment they need to do their work.
new L9050 XS4 Locker
Salto L9050 XS4 Locker
The SALTO XS4 Locker is a lock designed to bring all the advantages of electronic locks to cabinet locks in sports clubs, schools, offices, hotels, or industrial industries. The L9050 is the perfect solution for controlling and tracking access to such applications. SALTO L9050 is fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 access control platform with electronic locks, Indicator status of the lock - green / red color indicates occupancy of the cabinet, Full audit of events from the electronic lock memory