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new Fighter MP
Paradox Hellas Fighter MP
PH.PL.FIT.08 Advanced conventional Fire alarm & Extinguishing panel Bus technology
Menu driven conventional fire alarm and extinguishing panel using 4-wire Bus technology expandability RS-485, permitting flexible and cost optimized installations. 8 to 72 analogue conventional detector inputs, using modules interconnected with 4-wire BUS. Up to 18 extinguishing areas with the full system setup. The system uses 4 zones and 4 relays to produce a very reliable alarm detection and commence a sequence of relay activations. Mainly used to drive extinguishing systems. Any group of 4 zones on any module along with their corresponding relays may be programmed as an extinguishing area.
new Fighter KSDA
Paradox Hellas Fighter KSDA
Stand Alone repeater keypad
• User-friendly Alphanumeric keypad - repeater with 80 characters (4 x 20) blue LCD display. • Menu-driven programming for easy system setup (installer). • Menu-driven user-friendly operation for the end user. • 3 LEDs indicate the status of the power supply, alarms and faults of the system. • Backlit button gives access and indicates access levels 2 and 3. • TEST button activates all visual indicators for user check. • Dedicated system (zones) reset button. • Dedicated Silence button for buzzers and external sirens also indicates active silence conditions. • Easy user information and system status with clever filtering through 4 buttons. Filtering alarms, faults, bypasses and log events creates easy to comprehend uncluttered display screens. • 12 alphanumeric buttons for data input during system programming (eg zone’s descriptions). • Easy menu navigation with dedicated arrow buttons. • Info button gives on screen short help for many system parameters and screen items. • Evacuation Command with keys combination (1 + 3 key buttons ) • Interconnection via RS-485 BUS system. • Compatible with the Fighter system. • Dimensions (HxWxL [cm]): 11 x 15.5 x 2.5 cm Ordering code: PH.KP.FIT.08
Fighter FRTCP-IP
Paradox Hellas Fighter FRTCP-IP
TCP/IP - RS232 communication module for PH Fighter MP
Fighter FRTCP-IP... TCP/IP - RS232 communication module. The FRTCP-IP module connects directly to the main board of the Fighter panel. Provides full access and control of the panel, locally via the serial RS232 connection or via internet (TCP / IP) using any PC running the specially designed software named Fighter ProVision in real time. The programming of communication parameters of the FRTCP-IP module is done through the menu on any connected Fighter’s keypad. Power supply 10 pin box connector 5VDC or 12-24 VDC 2 way terminal block 12-24VDC Consumption 250mA MAX Connections Ethernet, Serial RS232 RS232 Ground Isolation 50 V Connector Female D9 Ethernet Ground isolation Complete galvanic isolation Connector RJ45 Ethernet type 10/100 Mbps Indications (Leds) Power Lit when the device is powered Fault Indicated that isolation voltage is more than 50 V LED1 Remote client is connected. Others Dimensions 10.5 x 7.5 cm Ambient conditions 0-50°C, 95% max RH Ordering code: PH.FI.TCP.IP
Matrix 2000
Paradox Hellas Matrix 2000
Matrix 2000 series conventional fire alarm panels
The Matrix 2000 series conventional fire alarm panels consist of two basic units (mainboards) of 4 and 8 zones. These units, with the addition of 8 zo
Fighter zone and relay expansion
Paradox Hellas Fighter zone and relay expansion
8 zones/relays expansion boards
PH.ZE.FIT.08 Fighter zones expansion board (PCB) PH.RE.FIT.08 Fighter relays expansion board (PCB) Zone expansion board (8 zones). Zone termination resistors: 4,7Κ / 0.5W. Stand-by curent 60mA. Automatic module detection upon installation. Interconnection of all units with RS-485 BUS system
Paradox Hellas ProVision
Remote management software for programming and monitoring of fire alarm systems Fighter
Conventional fire alarm control panel with two detection zones
2 fire detection zones Up to 32 detector zone 2 pcs. monitored siren outputs with programmable delay up to 10 minutes General alarm output "Fire"Exit "Fault" 2 pcs. Additional monitored 30V power outputs