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ZKTeco ZKTeco
C3-100 Access Control Controller for one door
ZKTeco C3-100 provide access control for 1 door from the both sides, support 2 Wiegand (26 bit) readers for access control, 30,000 users and log up to 100,000 events for access control expandable via SD card slot, TCP / IP and RS-485 interfaces for communication
CDVI – Group of companies СТ-V900A
2-Door Controller
Access control of two doors on one or a door bilateral Ability to control access to 6 additional doors (3x expansion modules CA-A470-A), Memory 10920 cards for access control, 256 access 256 schedules Buffer 2048 events 16 observable inputs for Muck or REX, 2 relay outputs to manage electrical locks for access control (12V dc / 24V dc), rS485 / RS-232 port for communication with CENTAUR software via serial port, dial-up or LAN / WAN (TCP / IP), management of lifts: 2 elevators with 64 floors each CT-V900A; schedules floors; 128 storey groups
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A470-A
2-Door Access Control Expansion Module
Expand your Centaur system with the CA-A470-A. Centaur’s E-Bus technology allows any expansion module to be located up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the CT-V900-A. Thus reducing field-wiring costs by running only one cable to the CT-V900-A. Reader, Keypad, Door Contact, REX device and Reader Outputs can be connected locally to the CA-A470-A by installing the expansion module close to the doors.
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A480-A
Lift controller
CA-A480-A Lift controller Connected to the E-Bus of the CT-V900-A controller, the CAA480A supplementary module can control up to 16 floors. When a valid card is presented, the relevant floor relay is activated, allowing the card holder to select the desired floor.
CDVI – Group of companies CAA482P
Destination reporting module
The CAA482P has 16 floor-selection inputs, one for each floor-control relay of the CAA480A lift controller. Once a valid card is passed, the user can only select one floor. Once the floor is selected, all the other floor buttons are deactivated. The user must pass his/her card again in order to choose another floor. Every pass of the card and choice of floor is registered by the system.
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A110-P
Locking control module for CT-V900-A
CA-A110-P Locking control module for CT-V900-A, The CA-A110-P has been specially designed to facilitate the connection of solenoid bolt locks with electromagnetic locks or high-power electric strikes. Instant unlocking of doors by fire-alarm switch.
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A360-USBRS
RS-485 conversion module
CA-A360-USBRS RS-485 conversion module, The CA-A360-USBRS*, conversion module for RS-232 to RS-485 or USB, is installed between the server and the CT-V900-A controllers, allowing the maximum distance to increase to 1220m. LED power, reception and transmission indicators show the status of the module.
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A370-P
RS-485 network hub for CT-V900-A
CA-A370-P RS-485 network hub for CT-V900-A, Allows a “star” type RS-485 bus configuration. Excellent for large surfaces of a multi-floor site when a "serial" RS-485 configuration is not recommended. Place the CAA370P at the centre of the existing RS-485 bus network and connect up to 4 additional RS-485 networks to the controllers or expansion modules, RS-485 “Star” configuration is a snap, Provides a higher network isolation and reduces wiring costs, LED status indicator for power, network and port activity, Creates 4 independent RS-485 networks from one RS-485 network, Connects to the CT-V900-A RS-485 and E-bus communication ports and to the E-Bus for the expansion modules, Connects controller or expansion module up to 1220m from the Hub, Transmission speed: 9600 or 19200 bps.
CDV Centaur
CDVI – Group of companies CDV Centaur
CDV Centaur
The CDV Centaur system is a highly sophisticated, modular, distributed access control system optimized for a wide variety of applications ranging from