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CDVI – Group of companies CK-TRAK-L
Tracker LCD Module
• Adjustable backlight and contrast • Supports multiple language display • Display unit for Time and Attendance • 32-character LCD display (2 lin
CDVI – Group of companies NANOPW
Wiegand 125Khz Proximity Reader
* Wiegand 26 bit. * Direct connection. * PCB sealed in epoxy. * Audible and visual feedback. * 45cm pigtail wire connection. * Versions available
CDVI – Group of companies TESTOV-trii
Standalone kiosk with biometric terminal for access control with facial recognition, fever and masks detection
• Measures the temperature of the human face • Instant individual temperature measurement through the built-in thermographic camera for body temperature detection with an accuracy of ± 0.5 C • Detection of people with a mask and blocking the access of people without a mask • Function to block people with fever • Intelligent face recognition thanks to the built-in Deep learning algorithm At a time like this, the right decisions would bring security and peace of mind to our employees, relatives and friends. High-tech solutions for detecting and preventing access by people with viral symptoms, fever or not wearing a protective mask are an excellent addition to the hygiene and organizational activities that companies undertake. We present a new generation of Contactless access control terminals with added unique functionalities, such as restricting the access of people with fever and those without protective masks in residential, administrative, public, industrial and business buildings, schools and receptions. HIKVISION DS-K5604A-3XF/V is a combined stand-alone biometric access control terminal with facial recognition with built-in detection of human face temperature and wearing a mask to restrict access to people with fever. The terminal is designed for installation of a turnstile and can be provided to access control through an intelligent algorithm for face recognition, access via a contactless Mifare card, additional measurement of body temperature. The innovative camera built into the controller measures the temperature and recognizes the faces of people from a predefined database with a capacity of up to 50,000 people. HIKVISION DS-K5604A-3XF/V can be integrated with existing access control systems, turnstiles, entrance doors, and according to set criteria to provide access to authorized persons or to refuse such at a higher body temperature, for example
ZKTeco FR1200
Biometric fingerprint reader for outdoor installation with built-in EM 125 kHz card reader
ZKTeco FR1200 Biometric fingerprint reader with integrated RFID reader for EM 125 kHz cards for outdoor installation, Built-in RFID reader compatible with an EM125 kHz cards for access control, works through a separate RS-485 interface with ZKTeco series InBio controllers , Transparent operation - transfer prints directly to inBio controller, operating temperature for access control reader: 0 -45 ℃, Power supply: 12V DC (option directly from the controller)
ZKTeco InBio-160
Biometric Access Control Controller for one door
ZKTeco InBio-160 Biometric Access Control Controller for 1 door, bilateral, Specialized processing algorithm fingerprints, Supports 2 Wiegand (26 bit) access control readers and 2 biometric access control readers FR1200 with single RS-485 interface (800 m.), buffered memory for 3,000 fingerprints, 30000 user and log up to 100000 access control events, memory expansion via SD card slot, built-in TCP / IP and RS-485 communication interfaces
Perco T-5
Tripod Turnstile for indoor application
The T-5 turnstile provides an economical access control solution for businesses and organisations that need a proper entrance control equipment within a limited budget. The turnstile comes with an attractive price thanks to a lightweight construction of the housing, a modified hub and a simpler light indication reducing the manufacturing cost.
CDVI – Group of companies CA-A460-PNB
Relay expansion module for CT-V900-A
CA-A460-PNB Relay expansion module, Required for additional relay outputs. Each CA-A460-P adds 7 relays to those of the CT-V900-A , up to a maximum of 16 relays (2 x CA-A460-P + 2 CT-V900-A on-board relays = 16 relays)., dds 7 form-C relay outputs (NO/NC) to the CT-V900-A controller. Maximum of two CA-A460-P modules per CT-V900-A controller, Connects directly to the CT-V900-A expansion bus, Connects to the controller at a maximum distance of 1220m, Outputs: 7 Form C relays rated at 5A/28V dc, NC/NO.